What to Look for in a CBD Product

We are hearing more and more about CBD these days and there’s a lot of information out there on the many benefits it can bring to our daily lives. The number of people using CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, in the UK alone is estimated to stand at around 300,0001. If you’re thinking about trying out some CBD products but aren’t sure where to start, it’s important to consider the following when looking for a high quality, trustworthy CBD product.

Check the THC levels

Cannabis plants are made up of over 100 different cannabinoids all which have different effects on the body. The most well known are THC and CBD. THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid which gives you the effect of getting high and is not legal. CBD products in the UK should not have THC levels above 0.2% and the THC must not be easily separated from it to be classified as legal.

Are the products using CBD that is Full Spectrum, Broad Spectrum or Isolate?

Knowing the difference between full spectrum, broad spectrum or isolate CBD will help you make a more educated decision on which CBD products will best suit your needs.

Full spectrum – All of our Naturopathica CBD products are full spectrum which means they contain a wide range of cannabinoids that are present in the hemp plant that all work together in synergy to provide the “entourage effect”. All these natural elements have their own important therapeutic value.

Broad spectrum – the simplest way to describe this is full spectrum but without any levels of THC whatsoever.

Isolate – this is CBD isolated from all other cannabinoids and compounds from the plant which may mean it is less effective.

Can you access the lab reports

With so many brands available selling CBD products, it is a good idea to see which brands are making the lab reports for their products available (you will find these on our website for all of our products). This way you can see what the CBD and THC levels are and make sure you are buying a safe product.

Keep a note of how CBD works for you

Once you have picked your CBD product, whether it is an oil, lozenge or capsule, it is a good idea to keep a note of how you are feeling when taking CBD. Has it helped any symptoms, sleep etc. so you know whether you have picked the right format and dosage for you.

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