Tips to Re-Use your CBD+ Container

We love looking after the environment, what better way than re-using your CBD+ containers! You could transform yours into a desk plant or even use it as a mini rolling pin when making biscuits.

Desk Plant

Brighten up your office with a desk plant, just fill your pot with soil and plant the seed for a small plant, or replant a mini cactus or succulent You could even decorate your pot, by sticking on some scrap wrapping paper to personalise it.

Sewing Kit

You never know when you’re going to need one, so it is best to always carry one with you for those unexpected wardrobe malfunctions. The best way is to keep your sewing equipment altogether, why not use your CBD+ container to store your safety pins, needle and thread.

Mini Piggy Bank

We always find ourselves with loose change, as Tesco say ‘Every Little Helps!’ so why not store all of those loose coins in your mini CBD+ piggy bank. It is small enough to take with you in your bag or even keep in the car. You never know how much you might end up with at the end of the year.

Earphones Case

Finding your earphones in your bag can always be a bit of a mission, especially when they get tangled with hair grips, chargers etc. Why not keep them tangle-free in your own earphone case. You could choose to decorate it too!

Mini Rolling Pin

Can’t find your rolling pin?! Don’t fear, CBD+ is here. The round shape of the pot is perfect for rolling out mini cookies.

Stationery Pot

We love stationery! Paper clips, pens, elastic bands the lot, store them in your own little CBD+ pot and make the whole office jealous of your beautiful pot.

Discreet Sanitary Pot

Ladies, we know how awkward it can be getting a sanitary towel or tampon out from your bag to go to the loo. CBD+ pots are perfect to store them in and discreetly take to the toilet, you could even make your own design to go around the pot.

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