CBD Oil: does it help anxiety?

Abigail Kathleen LozengeOver the past year CBD Oil has flooded the market in various forms, claiming to be a miracle to help many health conditions. There are a lot of health claims that come along with CBD Oil, the one that intrigued me most was the claim that it can help those who suffer anxiety. I have suffered with anxiety since a child, it has left me very restricted socially and career wise.

Anxiety is the feeling of unease, worry and fear, it can be mild or it can be severe. There have been instances where I have been crippled with fear triggering painful panic attacks where my mind tricks me into believing that I am dying. I suffer with social anxiety so simple things such as making phone calls, attending social events and generally just leaving the house can leave me anxious. Whilst I have had therapy which has helped with the more severe triggers. I do still struggle with little day to day activities.

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